Friday, April 28, 2006


Okay, she did it to me. (Vicki AKA Junebugg) !After picking my brain about her non-normal tendencies, she turns it on me...........oh goes. I consider myself perfectly normal. Just wanted that off my chest before I began. Compared to Sis, my life is dull as dishwater..............dirty, dingy dishwater.

1. I am a voracious reader, I read anything and everything that doesn't move too fast to grab....... from encyclopedias and dictionaries to the Bible, I have perused over every piece of written maunscript in my house and thousands beyond it's doors. I make a point to read several chapters each and every day, whether it is the latest bodice ripper or an often used and dog-earred cookbook. Keeps my brain active and my vocabulary above the national par.
2. I can and do document my family lineage back to the Mayflower, long, dead Cherokee Indians and the South of Wales. Genealogy saved my sanity at a time when I was about to reach the limits of my endurance. It gave me a focus, a reason to get up every day. It brought me closer to my parents and introduced me to unknown relatives the countyside over.
Lord, this is tough......spilling all my quirks and folliables to the world.....
3. HMMMMMMMM.........I have been married to one man since I was 16.....had sex with only one man ever..............which isn't all that uncommon. But given my age............48........apparently it is uncommon. Do I think I missed anything? Definitely. Would I choose another? Doubtful. Taken enough off the one I have. End of story. CAn one be a born again virgin?
4. For all my life, I suffered from the "Doormat Syndrone". You know, the one who always gave in in any argument, was chastised like a bad puppy for wetting the floor and had no self esteem due to constant put downs and be-littlings. No more. I haven't made it totally free, but Donna the doormat is gone forever. Emancipation is a wonderful thing.
5. Okay, now the kinky stuff..............I have a fascination with wood,the textures and patterns of the grain ...... even the smell. I love to rub my hand down a highly sanded piece of lumber, feeling the smoothness beneath my palm ..... there is something almost sensuous about it.
6. Depressions almost killed me. I nearly died because a so-called specialist couldn't diagnose the problem. Near death changes a person in many ways. It, apparenly, made me mean. I flat refuse to give in to this terrible affliction. It guides my actions every day, I guard my feelings and reactions to people, I refuse to let them close enough to hurt me if I can. Sometimes not caring is the best protection there is. I refuse to let the negative actions and pain caused by others effect me anymore.


Junebugg said...

You call that weird? You didn't tell them that you missed being a Smurf by 1 inch. Nor how picky an eater you are. Or how competive (folks, Donna CAN NOT stand to lose, no matter what game you're playing) Or.... or.... or.... Let me think of something else.

Love Ya Sis

yellowdog granny said...

ohhh i feel the same way about wood..i love the feel of the smell of working with's a good thing...
and you may be a little off kilter..but aint will go check out junebugg

nongirlfriend said...

Depressions almost killed me, too. Twice.

I like reading the dictionary as well. You are one cool mamasita!~

Donna said...

I am no Smurf........not my fault I was born into a family of giants. Being short has some advantages pants are always long enough...capris make high waders on me.........I don't have nearly as far to fall when I hit the ground and few, if any men are shorter than me.

Anonymous said...

That's the only way to get a handle on depression, take control, firm control, or it will do you dirty every time.
Don't worry about the wood thingy. It goes way, way back to our earliest ancestors, the beavers! Don't you just love going to a lumber yard and just soaking in the smell of fresh pine? Of course, if you keep a little baggie of sawdust in your glove compartment, then you would be a little kinky, but only a little.
Keep looking for sunshine.

osray said...

Donna I love it when I check your blog and find something new you have written. I felt one time that if I didn't have depression, I wouldn't have anything. At the time it was my only posession. I think that is why I hung on to it, even though I hated it and my self. I'm gettin' older and loosing stuff all the time, and somewhere I lost the only thing I had, and felt better for it. Bless you.