Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hello Mama

Hello Mama.
It’s been two long, lonely years since you left us. If I could, I wouldn’t wish you back Mama. You were so very ill and tired when you left us, suffering endlessly and we girls slowly grieving the future loss we knew was fast approaching. I know you are in a better place and at peace, free from pain and the strife of the chaotic world we live in. But even knowing that doesn’t make the past two years any easier to handle, though we struggle along with dragging feet and saddened hearts as you would have insisted we do. What lifts my spirits is knowing Daddy is with you now. Losing the both of you in such a short amount of time was probably the hardest thing I have ever dealt with. Look down on us all Mama, bless us with fond memories and peaceful thoughts for the future, smile down on us with the sunshine and spread the cleansing rains on our lawns so we’ll know you are still there, though in only our memories and the bright eyes of your Grandchildren, watching over us, guiding us daily to lead lives so that we may see you once again. Love us as you always have, teach us to remind the future generations exactly who and what you were and will always be to us, our Mother, our fierce protector and the center of our hearts.
I love you Mama, I always will. I will never forget you and what you were to me, my sisters and our children. God Bless you.